The Letters,


per month

for the letter lovers

Receive each month a personalized letter to your door.

From your very own astro forecast to mini soul medecine, get monthly some soul goodies and extra love in a letter.

*birth details needed to create your monthly astro tips

The Intuitive Guidance


for 1 hour

for the blooming souls

For the moments reality gets blurry & your mind fuzzy. Have a cup of tea with me, share your thoughts & feelings, let me connect to your soul. Get another perspective on what is on your mind. This is a holistic approach using deep talk, oracle reading, soul connecting & a little bit of astrology.



The Reading,


for ± 40 min

for the oracle & intuitive lovers

Add light and insights on what lies ahead and most importantly within you. For the moments you seek guidance, for the ones looking for another perspective & for the situations needing more clarity.

This can be done digitally & in person.


*you are your future. My readings are intuitive insights & guidance of what I feel _now_ for you.

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