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the whispers of your soul

How often do you catch yourself saying :

"I'm doubting, I can't tell if it's my intuition or my mind."

"I knew it but I didn't listen to it." 

"I'm always second guessing myself."


Our intuition is our most ancient tool of wisdom yet it is the the most underutilised ressource we use daily.


In this moment we will explore :


- What is truly intuition and how it operates.

- We will understand why and how come we are blocked from it

- Why it's important we go back to living an intuitive life & how it can shift the energies in your daily life, relationships, business...

- How to use that connection for better decision-making

- Mind versus Intuition

- How to reconnect to our Intuitive gift with practical tools that you can implement easily


This 2hours masterclass includes :


• a lecture about intuition

• an intuitive exercice to access your intuition

• practical tools to implement in your daily life

• a Q&A


The Intuition Masterclass will be accessible for replay forever.

JULY 5th | 6PM - 8PM (cest) | 100€


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