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Boredom coming out of the closet

How many of us are uncomfortable with boredom? How many are we running away from this intangible space where nothing happens?

Most of us, right.

I am not talking about doing nothing and enjoying doing nothing.

I am talking about boredom as in the state of being weary and restless through a lack of interest.

I used to run as fast as I could from this state. I would turn around as soon as I noticed boredom on the horizon and find another rodeo to ride on.

Who honestly did not do the same?

To be honest, boredom has a bad rap. It hasn’t been marketed as a molly jolly ride. For centuries, it has been portrayed as a near-death state in which nothingness slowly kills the burning flame of the soul.If you don't know what I'm talking about, look up Rembrandt and see how the Baroque painter crystallized the slow passage of time that is boredom through his eyes.

But what if I told you that boredom is actually something else? What if I told you that boredom got revamped and has a whole new look, ready to come out of the closet and be seen for who she truly is: the magic finder?


Tell me, what would happen if next time you were waiting in line for your coffee, instead of scrolling through your favorite social platform, you just stayed there with Boredom? What if instead of killing time with Netflix or a wellbeing-book-that-you-are reading-because-everyone-is-reading-it-but-you’re-actually-not-really-into-it you would spend 10 minutes looking at Boredom in the eyes?

Here’s what would happen:

You'd be very uncomfortable because facing the unavoidable reality that nothing is happening right now would hurt your feelings and, more importantly, your ego.Your mind will start spinning, wondering why the world is moving so fast and why you’re still at the same spot. You’ll start comparing yourself and wondering what’s wrong with you, and mostly you will try to fix this situation as fast as you can.

After a few minutes of unbearable annoyance, perhaps, and I say this cautiously, you'll give up.

You’ll let yourself be wrapped up in boredom and let her unravel what she has to offer.

Because here’s the thing: Boredom is the Magic.

It’s the place where the changemakers find their Eureka. It’s the place when nothing feels tasty enough that Boredom appears out of the velvet curtains with a drag-queen look and invites you to dance the French cancan with her. Who honestly doesn’t want to dance the French cancan?

Boredom is so unpopular, but she’s the real deal.

She is the one telling you to stop doing what you’ve been doing over and over again, and start to look in another direction. A new fresh one. One that is more exciting and alive.Boredom is bringing you back to life. She is the remedy.

This is what happened to me recently.

I got so bored.

I cannot emphasize how bored I became over the last few months.

Bored of the unlimited content that is available to us non-stop. Bored of the platforms we have been hanging on for the past two decades. Bored of the trends, the hypes and the same old narratives. Bored of the spiritual content, the wellness one and the creative laziness out there. Bored of seeing everywhere coloured squares with words written on it about how you should live your life. Bored of people giving lessons and trying to sell you a better way of living.

My god, I got even bored of my own boredom.

That’s sad. That’s terrifying. But it is true.

When I gave up fighting against the matrix and my monkey mind, I surrendered to Boredom and let her reveal what was laying beneath these mixed-feelings of mine.

A little disclaimer—Boredom isn’t in a rush. She takes a sweet ass time to say what she has to say (might have a Taurus placement in there…) so you better not have a train to catch and work on your impatience, my friends.

Uncomfortable. Uneasy. Unatural.

All of that jazz yes. I am not going to lie.

But it was sorely needed.So I removed myself from the screens for the past months. I deleted all of my content from social platforms. Unfollowed a bunch of people. Blocked a few here and there.

Tabula Rasa — a clean slate.

And I waited. Without any agendas and without really knowing.

From this space of nothingness. Things started to arise again.

Ideas, creative concepts but the most important: action steps.

I finally realized what my heart needed, what my soul is craving for and the wounds that are calling me to heal. I heard The Place’s soul asking me to rebirth her. That it was time for something new. A different way of approaching people and my own spirituality.

I don’t have all the answers yet, but things are slowly unfolding.

Taking its sweet ass time I am telling you…

Next time you see Boredom around the corner, instead of running the other way, try to have a conversation with her and see it as a sign of metamorphosis. Don’t be afraid to start over. Don’t be afraid of hurting people’s feelings because you made a choice that supports you more than them. Don’t be afraid of unknown beginnings, the ones that don’t guarantee a possible outcome.

Choose you.

Choose your heart and its health.

To Boredom, an old enemy who became a precious healer.