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riding a creative wave of wisdom,

Energy Flow

- the creative winds of change,

May this final month of the year inspire you to look at your past with pride and reverence, may you breathe in a luminous oxygen through your lungs & stretch your soul to new dimensions.

This month is a beautiful month to close a door & find new ways to open new portals. With the eclipse season coming to an end, we are gently invited to look back at all the changes & transformation we have been going through since last year. Grab your binoculars, have a look at what the past taught you & start envisioning the person you want to be next year.

The winds blowing all around us are subtle invitations to move away from the known, to express our creativity in a sense that impacts the world & the people around us differently.

Stop running & start envisioning.

The eclipse dust will take some time to settle as we are digesting a whole year filled with deep deep healing transformations. December feels like both a trampoline and an invitation to review the past year with wisdom.

Take some time to have a tea time with your desires, check-in with yourself : are you building YOUR dreams or what the collective is expecting from you.

Another interesting theme for this month is you & others.

Creating your wildest dreams isn't an issue but who do you want to bring with you on this ride ?

Pause for a moment & reflect on your relationships.

Are you surrounded with supportive healthy people who see you entirely for who you are ?

Pay attention to those who are around when you're feeling small but can't handle your shine.

Pay attention to who you confide your secrets & who honor your secrets.

This life is meant to be shared. You are meant to live, love & create with & for others.

You are not a solo rider but you can choose with who you ride your joy & your success.

Choose your people, your soul family.

Cosmic key dates

* Dec. 4th | Sagittarius New Moon + solar eclipse

* Dec 12th | the 1212 portal or the portal of change

* Dec 18th | Full moon in Gemini

* Dec 12th | Venus in Retrograde

* Dec 21st | Solstice + Capricorn Season

* Dec 28th | Jupiter in Pisces


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