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in between eclipses & transformations

Image | Purienne

Energy Flow

- tipping toe into the last eclipse season of the year.

The energies for the month ahead are deeply transformative. We are embarking into new chapters of higher consciousness, traversing new bridges of elevation. We are bringing closure to some old part of ourselves. The month ahead is a beautiful month of transition. We are walking as a collective into an unknown future where we can't yet see what is drawing on the horizon but we can feel deep in our bones that something bigger & brighter is waiting for us.

Let yourself flow into the transition.

Surrender to the unknown, run wild into the fog and make peace with not knowing every single steps ahead. Release the mystical creature in you to walk into uncharted territories.

This month is a beautiful month to play inward. Swim into your own soul, discover everything that you are and everything that you aren't. The greatest gift you can offer yourself now is to know what you don't want anymore.

Let the landscape unfold its magnificent colors on its own.

Let go the need of control.

Eclipse season increases the soul's sensitivity. It boosts our intuitive channels & heart intelligence.

Now is a good time to release what has come to an end. Let go of any old habits, relationships, situations that no longer fit the grander bigger picture of your personal self.

A message from other realms

A song for the sirens.

It seems to me that galaxies are calling us into their immensity.

When I closed my eyes to feel the energies of the month ahead, the vision I have been called to share felt deeply healing. A torrent of light was pouring down from the skies, illuminating deep & hidden parts of our souls. Parts that we couldn't find or parts that we preferred to avoid until now.

They took me into this painting where the rain kept on pouring and the clouds were filled of electricity.

From that island of separation, we took a leap of faith into the infinite ocean, letting ourself flow instead of swimming.

The rain washed away our sorrows, cleansing the heartbreaks and the fears we have faced these last months.

"Flow" they said in the most reassuring voice they could. Instead of resisting the change, resisting the current, let the waves take you where you are called to be.

Let yourself be guided by invisible powers - at least during this month, just close your eyes and sink into the infinite constellation of your own heart. The remedy is there.

Cosmic key dates

* Nov. 4th | Scorpio Super New Moon

* Nov. 5th | Venus enters in Capricorn for an exceptional long period

* Nov. 11th | the 111 portal where abundance & alignment falls from the skies

* Nov. 19th | Full moon + partial lunar eclipse in Taurus

* Nov. 21st | Sagittarius Season


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