Rose Water | your mind, body & soul ally in your Venus routine.


Legend has it that in the luxuriant desert of Middle East, a high priestess named Alba traveled through valleys to pick the finest roses & creates what is today rosewater, the simple elixir of beauty.


Roses have the highest vibration of all the flowers. 

Used for cleansing and connecting with the highest energies, it is also your natural beauty ally.




Rosewater has multi-purposes.

* Elevates your spirit

* Soothes irritation as well as balance out your skin tone

* Helps maintain the skin’s natural PH balance

* The natural antioxidants help with preventing wrinkles

* Helps reduce dark circles and reduces eye puffiness. 

* Provides a clean base for nutrients.

* Gentle hair moisturizer




Handmade in Damascus

All natural products

Infused with love & a little bit of magic.

Rose Water | Alba

  • 30ML