Buenos Diyas

Traditional cast brass oil or butter lamps with a contemporary expression.


A 'Diya' is an oil lamp with a cotton wick dipped in vegetable oils. Case Goods' Diyas are designed to last a lifetime and will age beautifully over time. 


Each set includes around 50 wicks that can be cut in half to provide around 100 wicks for the small Diyas. The oil is not included, but typically (in India) cooking oil is used. We recommend to use sunflower or coconut oil.




Casegoods was born out of a passion for materials, a commitment to the act of making, and an awareness of our impact as designers on the shared environment. Their products are rooted in the Indian tradition of craft while remaining considerate to contemporary living.

They believe that the greatest form of sustainability is to produce work of lasting value. In that spirit Case Goods endeavour to design products that are simple, beautiful, functional and can be cherished for generations.


Buenos Diyas | oil lamps (set of 2 large)

  • Place the wick inside the bowl with approximately 1cm wick sticking out of the bowl. Fill the bowl 3/4 with oil. Light the wick and enjoy the beautiful light. When the oil is gone, replace the wick and repeat.

    Oil is not included, but typically (in India) vegetable cooking oil is used. The options vary and include sunflower, sesame, coconut, mustard and groundnut oils. We recommend to use sunflower oil.

    Extra wicks can be purchased by the box (250 pieces).

  • Each large diya measures 75mm x 65mm and is 35mm high.