* Palo Santo *



limited availability 




The Sacred Wood

Palo Santo is known for its healing & cleansing properties.

Burn the wood, set your purifying intention & let the smell take away all the negative energies.

Purify your space, your energies, your soul.


Ethically sourced in a small family business in Ecuador, this palo santo is infused with its natural oil which gives the refreshing perfume & magic.




It took me time to get such a natural product, harvested in the right conditions.


A perfumed Palo Santo is coming from a trees which has to be at least 50 years old if it isn't 70.

The trees here were never cut off - only the dead branches.

The branches have to be stored & dried for a minimum of 4 years.

It's in the drying process that the oily resin travels through the wood into the center giving it this strong perfume.




2 sizes available

M - 8cm

S - 6cm 


Please note that these sticks are chopped in a very handmade style :)

They all have an unique shape.

Sizes may vary from an order to another.




Question :  "but I thought Palo Santo was endangered ?" 

- there's a massive confusion around that tree.

a different specie also called "Palo Santo" used for making furniture is indeed endangered. The one used for cleansing your space isn't.


The issue with Palo Santo is mostly around the ethics of the harvest & the way people sell it.

Palo Santo