KOME-NO-MEGUMI means the blessing of rice.


Rice has been the staple food of Japan since antiquity.

Theses candles are made with rice bran wax and take only 30 minutes to burn out.


The light might give you the time to enjoy a cup of coffee, or some of your favourite music.

A kind of timer, but one where you never feel rushed.




The small Kome-No-Megumi (Blessing of Rice) candles are handmade at Takazwa Candle, one of the oldest makers of traditional Warosoku or Japanese Candles.


Warosoku are produced from wax that is derived from natural plant-based raw materials.

In this case, a waste product in rice production is utilised to make the rice bran wax. The wick, made by wrapping a dried reed around a washi paper cylinder, produces a tall bright flame


Using plant-based wax also result in candles that generate less soot and very little smoke.




  • box with 20 candles
  • h7cm
  • burning time: 30 mi
  • fits KOMA Candle Stand S
  • rice bran wax

Kome-no-Megumi Candle (8 pcs box) | Takazawa