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connecting to entrepreneurship differently

Everything is energy, everything in this world moves in a particular way.

Your business isn't different. It has a soul, a specific mission, purpose, voice and persona.


In this moment together, we are going to talk about entrepreneurship from a soulful angle.


We are going to tackle different ideas and visions on how to run a business that feels aligned both for you and for your business.


We will explore how to listen to the unique voice of your business & honor it daily by tuning in to it.


In this masterclass, you will re-discover your business as a unique entity & get to meet its own personality in order to flow more aligned & build a more sustainable future together.


In this moment we will explore :


How to connect to your business, to your creativity & walk hand in hand with them.

How to build your visions aligned with your business' energy

How to work with your business' energetics (such as money) & listen closely to the subtle whispers.

What it means to lead a soulful purpose aligned with your business entity while honoring yourself & your business' desires.


This 2h masterclass includes :

• a lecture about Soul Business

• an intuitive meditation to access the soul of your business & get insights on the next steps.

• a Q&A


The Masterclass will be accessible for replay forever.

(!) PLEASE READ (!) I will be on maternity leave as of July 16th. Should I unexpectedly go into labor earlier than planned, you will be notified and the masterclass will be rescheduled. Thank you for your understanding!

JULY 12th | 6PM - 8PM (cest) | 150€


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