Spirit Guides 101: exploration of your spirit team


For those who know that there is another invisible world talking with us.

For those who feel energies, entities but can't understand yet what is happening. For the seekers of the other worlds, those who felt alone feeling unseen energies in their daily life. For the mystical curious souls and for anyone who want to take a step into connecting with their spirit team.


This masterclass is created with the intention to demystify the invisible foreign world that is the spirit world. A suspended moment created so you can navigate with more peace knowing you are not alone. You are supported.


In this 75min masterclass we will explore :


- What are spirit guides, who are they?

- A simple explanation between the different spirits.

- Why do we have spirit guides, does everybody have a guide?

- What are the roles of these guides and how they can assist you.

- How to make the difference between your Intuition and your Guides speaking.

- Simple tricks to open the communication & feel supported.


This masterclass includes :


• a lecture about spirit guides

• practical tools to implement in your daily life

• a Q&A


The Spirit Guides Masterclass will be accessible for replay forever.

This masterclass is a great introduction to Eso Studio (coming back early 2023)

OCTOBER 30th | 6PM (cet) | 101€


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