an intuitive business immersion



MAY 24th -  JUNE 6th




Join Sophie & Emmie for an immersive exploration into business for the new intuitive creators.

We invite you into our own private capsule, sharing our personal practices and experiences. During these two weeks together we will share our insights on creating another kind of business : a business of your own.

Create your own rules, live beyond fears & full of trust, hand in hand with your intuition.

Build a business tailor made for your own unique energy, needs & dreams.

Learn how to redefine the word business & create your own recipe for an abundant business.






We will groove around three pillars :


YOU |  your unique style of creating and sustaining an intuitive business based on your Human Design chart, how you best work, rest, create and share  


THEM | the art of exchange, customer and client relationships, creating boundaries and energetics of money 


THE DANCE |  the importance of making mistakes, developing trust, embracing imperfection and working with fear. 

You will be encouraged to share, be seen and supported in your visions and dreams.  




A private instagram account for accountability, prompts, sharing & practices with Daily check-in's

1 PDF with the materials.

2 WORKSHOPS : The Initiation + The Integration on each Sundays 
2 LIVE PRACTICES (a nervous system + a prosperity practice)
1 LIVE TALK about the power expansive full moon in Sagittarius + Eclipse

Investment | 222€ 

Starts on May 24th till June 6th






This immersive digital capsule is a great place for those who want to explore a different kind of business, who want to learn how to surrender to the unknown & make peace with their own innate talent.


This capsule is for those ready to create with their own unique blueprint & intuition.


Please note that this is not a business school. Practical tools will be shared but we invite you in each step of the way to create your own recipe. We are here to inspire you to create your own way rather than teach you precise steps.


Create your own steps of success.


Ready? Let’s Go. 


- Welcome in The Capsule -

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