A soul exploration journey

• November 2021 •

For the final Circle of the year, the theme I have channeled over these last weeks is : The Elixir.

During this spiritual voyage we will explore together the realms of our spirit & create our own personal elixir for the season ahead. 

While channeling for the collective, my guides whispered that it’s time to tap into the invisible & visible -not to heal- but to enlighten hidden mystical parts of our soul.


It's time to shine a light on our spiritual treasures.


This season is your mystical healing balm. 

The Circle is a 30 days journey where you are invited to travel around 4 chapters of self-discovery.


For this season, you will navigate around four new chapters :

Chapter I - The Magician

Chapter II - The High Priestess

Chapter III - The The Empress

Chapter IV - The Sun

We will follow the medicine of 4 tarot cards that I have been called to share with you. We will tap into these archetype's elixirs to discover ourselves on a deeper way.

A little note : no tarot experience needed for this course + this is not a tarot course. Tarot will be a tool, a support in our personal exploration.

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Each chapter is designed with a specific intention & supported by written materials, workshops, talks + check points. On this road to Exploration, you will be supported by a daily kundalini meditation practice which is specially composed for the upcoming season & its cosmic energies.

You are invited during this trajectory to create your own codes & dive deeper into your uniqueness. 

Chapter I | The Magician

with guest speaker Taylor | Akashic Light

a guided workshop diving in the Akashic Records with a special magical intention : finding our personal healing rituals.

Chapter III | The Empress

with guest speaker Adrienne | Meraki Nomad

a communion with the plants via a Plant Spirit Tea Meditation. Drink in the plants on a journey to open to the magic, mysteries, and wisdom of the plant spirits


Chapter II | The High Priestess

with guest speaker Emmie | The Daily Rest

a workshop about the healing remedies of the Earth. Recipes, guidance & wisdom on the herbal delights accessible to us.

Chapter IV | The Sun

with guest speaker Birjiwan

a suspended moment with a sound bath where you are invited to reveal the colors and lights of your aura. Connect to your inner sun. Let it nurture your sacred body.


• a Practice - two kundalini meditations to practice daily

• 4 petits PDFs designed around each week's theme with mostly prompts.

• 4 integrative live talks about each week's theme

• 4 workshops

• Full Moon Circle

• 2 Q&A's

• A 20% discount on the e-shop in order to purchase (if wanted) a tarot deck

The Circle is a private sanctuary held on a private Instagram.

All videos are saved & watchable at your own convenience.

Workshops will be done via Zoom

Sanctuary & Lives via Instagram.


The content of The Circle is accessible until end of December 2021


Investment | 144€ 


BONUS (!) Subscribe before October 20th & have free access to The Compass in October + November - where I'll channel for the collective under the brilliant full moon. 


The Circle is a 4 weeks journey.

The schedule


Mondays | weekly PDF

Tuesdays | weekly integrative talk about the current chapter - 7pm (CET)

Thursdays | workshop/conversation with guest speaker - 7pm (CET)

Saturdays | Live Q&A - 10am (CET)


for questions, please email sophie@the-place.co


- Welcome in The Circle -

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