THE (intuitive) FLOW



Join Sophie & Emmie, cosmic partners in crime, for a new two week course: The (intuitive) Flow.


The Intuitive Flow follows the cosmic energies and planetary influences of each day of the week, and is centred around how we can simply and easily lean into the subtle energy of each day to cultivate ease, expansion and to feel the presence of sacred in the mundane. 


Learn how we lean into navigating business, love & daily life in heightened times through an intentional, but soft connection to personal rituals. These moments are curated with the intention to infuse our daily lives with simple & soulful moments, to feel as though we are being pulled gently along the current of our lives, rather than swimming against it. 

We are so excited to embark on a two weeks voyage together, filled with personal remedies, healing balms, rituals & practices that help us live a heart centered life. 

We will cover : easy rituals, yoga practices & mantra for prosperity, herbal oil making, face massage, natural make up rituals, oracle / tarot for daily guidance, conscious communication, boundaries, fears & energies of your radiance.



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• WEEK 1 •

Monday 13/9 | INTRODUCTION

Tuesday 14/9 | MARS DAY - Boundaries & honest invitations

Thursday 16/9 | JUPITER DAY - Abundance mindset & the energetics of prosperity

Friday 17/9 | VENUS DAY - Soul & Body rituals with Emmie (herbal oils, massage & ritual tools) 

Saturday 18/9 | SATURN DAY - Fears & responsabilities

• WEEK 2 •

Monday 20/9 | MOON DAY - Tarot & Oracle as an intuitive tool.

Wednesday 22/9 | MERCURY DAY - Healthy communication, when your words are your weapons.

Friday 24/9 | VENUS DAY - Clean Skin & easy Make up rituals with Sophie

Sunday 26/9 | SUN DAY - Your Aura, your radiance + a gentle practice to add gold in your aura.


12pm (CET) | 8pm (AEST)

This course is held completely over instagram for ease of watching and digesting the content.


As always — You choose your own recipe. Join us live or in your own time, but we do encourage you to write openly your comments, experiences and questions on the posts in our own private instagram container.


Remember: in every word and moment you are a storyteller. When you share, you open up new layers of understanding for everyone else.


The content of this course will be available online until end of October but settled deep into your cells forever. 

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THE (intuitive) FLOW

- See you soon in The Flow -

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