The Letters,


per month

for the letter lovers

Receive each month a personalized letter to your door.

From your very own astro forecast to mini soul medecine, get monthly some soul goodies and extra love in a letter.

*birth details needed to create your monthly astro tips


The Reading,


for ± 40 min

for the oracle & intuitive lovers

Add light and insights on what lies ahead and most importantly within you. For the moments you seek guidance, for the ones looking for another perspective & for the situations needing more clarity.

Tarot, oracle, soul reading and a little bit of astrology is used.


*you are your future. My readings are intuitive insights & guidance of what I feel _now_ for you.

The Intuitive Guidance


for 1 hour

for the blooming souls

For the moments reality gets blurry & your mind fuzzy. Have a cup of tea with me, share your thoughts & feelings, let me connect to your soul. Get another perspective on what is on your mind. This is a holistic approach using deep talk, soul connecting & aura whispering.


The Guidance + Reading


for 1,5 hour

for the seekers

This is your moment. With yourself, your soul and your guides. Get to know yourself better & understand how to flow full of trust in your life. Get insights via the oracle cards, the deep talk & the soul reading. We take the time to talk. About how you feel, we ask your guides for guidance & we try to understand what is blocking you from shining your light.


The Intuitive Business Evolution


for 2 hours

for the creative entrepreneurs

When it's time to transform & re-align your soulful business, let me guide you through a creative and inner journey. It's about connecting your inner wants to a creative project that light up the stars in your soul. Restore the magic. Connect with yourself and be aligned with your work. Let me read the business of your soul.

Need a bit more info or some sur-mesure service ? Send me an email
The 1:1 sessions take place in Gent. If you prefer that I come to you, an extra fee will be added.

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