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The Secret Dinner

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March 4th 2023 | Antwerp (BE)
6pm to 11pm

Enter the Temple of Venus and unleash your inner mystic during a special soirée where beauty and magic dance together.

In a secret location (revealed when ticket is purchased) gather with an intimate group of women who share the same love for esoterism and, beauty and, celebrate the art of being a woman — the mysterious mastery of the Universe.

In partnership with Moments MagazineTata Harper, Labelchic and, House of Formlab let your soul be pampered both soulfully and divinely for an entire evening.

Price | 265€ 

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[an evening between beauty & magic]


Part I - The Venus Apero 

Start the evening with a fresco apero around beauty. 

Experience beauty differently with a Tata Harper masterclass lead by Oceane from Labelchic. Each participants will receive leave the beauty temple with a Tata Harper goodie bag.


Part II - The Spiritual Pasta Club

Where the magic happens.

Join the club of those who are high on carbs, high on frequencies. Let the ambiance take you to higher states, explore different people, conversations and let your soul be nourished by soul food and soul conversations.

Guests will be seated at the table thanks to Sophie's pendulum. 

During dinner, Sophie will share her most extraordinary cosmic stories that happened when you finally listen to the whispers of the soul. One particular story with Moment Magazine...


Part III - Into the Mystics  

The Mystic dessert where Sophie will lead a mystical moment in which she will share her wisdom on how to connect to your intuition, dial in with your higher self and pull card from a place of genuine intention. With decks around the table, everyone will be invited to read for each other, pull cards and connect to their spirituality.

A spiritual goodie back magically made by House of Formlab (tarot deck, a smudge stick and a crystal) will be offered to each participants.


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[Behind every secret hides an illuminating truth]


The Secret Dinner is a once in a blue moon type of event. 

Nobody knows when the next one will take place. Nobody knows where this one will be held except for the mages behind it.

Coming to the Secret Dinner is like passing a door in between worlds.

Surrender to your intuition and let her guide you during the evening where the magic of the world has gathered the finest souls for the most delicate and mystical evening.

DRESS CODE | As you will pass one of the finest portal of the year, we kindly ask you to come dressed up according to the theme of the evening: Mystical Venus. 

We let your creativity and divinity play with these two words. Nothing is too bold or flamboyant.


The only thing you need to know right now is that, the Secret Dinner will happen on Saturday 4th of March from 6 to 11pm in Antwerp (Belgium)

During this moment you will journey through a divine apero, a delicious dinner and an elevated dessert in a beautiful 19th century house in the heart of the city.

The dinner will be 100% vegetarian and we will serve the finest non-alcoholic cocktails.
(if you are vegan or have any food intolerance, please reach out to us we will do our best to accommodate so the experience is exquisite).

The location of the event will be revealed when you have purchased your mystical ticket.

Because The Place's audience is broad and international, we offer exclusively a couple of Weekend Packages in Antwerp [read more here]

A final note - Tickets are limited.

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