This digital space was created with the intention to show how easy, accessible & modern spirituality is.

To help you remember that you have it all within you and it is your birthright to thrive & live your purpose fully.

The Place is a constant evolving place, just like you.

The Place is an holistic & spiritual platform, an accessible & safe space online to dream, to discover and to explore your inner and ancient magical wisdom.


You are unique, you are a healer, a magician & a change maker.


I am here to help you remember who you are.

My mission with The Place is to show you that you have nothing to prove or do but to be yourself fully & embrace your potential.

In the Soul Readings, together we tap into the essence of your soul, we re-activate some forgotten parts of yourself so you can feel the infinite multiplicity of your being.

I am a believer. I am a dreamer.

I am the bridge, the messenger & translator.

Together we create a new path.

- Sophie


The Place had the honor to be featured recently in Harper's Bazaar's Netherlands, Marie-Claire magazine, Elle magazine, L'Officiel, Bossy magazine, Femble, She Podcast